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Our Services − Premier Service

The Premier Service is a comprehensive service where a Registered Migration Agent will review your documentation, prepare and lodge your application on your behalf.

This personalised service provides you with affordable, fixed cost advice and easy to understand information that will suit your individual circumstances.

The Premier Service:

Step 1 - Initial Assessment
A Registered Migration Agent will conduct an initial review of your profile to confirm you have chosen the most appropriate visa for your situation.
Step 2 - Detailed Assessment and Documentation Check
A Registered Migration Agent will conduct a detailed review all of the forms and supporting documentation provided to ensure it is sufficient to submit a valid application.
Step 3 - Application Preparation and Submission
A Registered Migration Agent will conduct a final check of the forms and supporting documentation and then submit the application to the relevant governing authority on your behalf.
Step 4 - Application Processing and the Decision
We will correspond with governing authorities on your behalf during the processing of your application. We Will also act on your behalf if any issues arise in the processing of the app.

This service also includes:

Online Advice
You receive 24 hour email access to our Registered Migration Agents who will help you with any queries you may have.
Skype and Phone Access
You receive Skype and phone access with our Registered Migration Agents to discuss any details of your case.